Malaysia Airlines MH370: live - Telegraph

The prime minister, who has intervened in the affair first and only person ever to announce news of primary importance, he added, "with great sadness and regret" that the plane "is lost" and that "no one has survived." To the conclusion that the aircraft has crashed into the sea in the south Indian Ocean is reached, said Razak, thanks to the collaboration dell'Aiib, the agency of the Ministry of Transport for London have jurisdiction to investigate the disaster in civil aviation, and 'Innmarsat', British company operating in the field of satellite telecommunications, which have provided new data and analysis.

Located in the meantime the U.S. Navy sent its 'black box detector', high-tech equipment of last generation able to pick up signals transmitted by the black boxes of an aircraft, that is to say from the recorder and flight parameters from the detector sounds in the cockpit. The device operates normally attached to a tugboat that trolling at slow speed above the point where the airplane is assumed to be finished: "If we find scrap we will be able to act as soon as possible, since the batteries of a black box warning to have a limited lifespan, "said Chris Budde, chief operating officer of the Seventh Fleet Use. For additional facts on this subject read